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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe

by Albert John November 28, 2017

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe

Know that there are some usual emergencies that can possibly cause death in your cats. Emergencies such as urinary obstruction, trauma, poisonings and the like are included. If you are doubtful, you can follow these 5 simple tips to keep your cat safe. 

  • Keep your cat indoors for them to avoid any forms of trauma such as being attacked by a dog, hit by a car or accidental poisoning and so on.
  • You have to ensure that the weight of you cat is low since this can aid prevent problems that are costly like diabetes down the line.

  • Guarantee that you schedule you annual visit with your vet. This is definitely important since we can know your cat’s physical abnormalities sooner. Keep in mind that even if your cat is indoors, she will still be needing an annual exam. You can skip other vaccines but you must not skip on the exam. 
  • Keep your litter box clean. While this tip may sound so simple, often and daily cleaning of the box is necessary. This will not only alert you to emergencies that may be life-threatening such as feline urethral obstructions but it will make you know if your cat is urinating less or more than the usual. Also, it helps you to know probable medical problems sooner. 
  • Look for veterinarian’s point of view as soon as you notice some clinical signs. After your cat has been drinking and urinating excessively, as much as possible do not let a month pass after you take her to a vet.

Albert John
Albert John

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