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5 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Dog for Diabetes

by Ann Ruyag November 27, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Dog for Diabetes

  • Your dog will be able to live longer.

Diabetes can shorten your dog’s lifespan while secondary infections and complication can happen. With diabetes, their bodies are immunosuppressed and much prone to develop diabetic complications that cause long-term harm to your fluffy companion. 

  • You will save a lot of money.

The treatment for diabetes includes insulin syringes, twice-a-day insulin treatment, frequent veterinary tips for blood tests, and prescription diets. Moreover, it ay imply hiring pet or house sitters to treat your pet while you are taking a vacation since diabetic dogs cannot go without taking their insulin.

  • Your dog can see.

Are you aware that most of the dogs that have diabetes go blind from cataracts eventually? Even in diabetic dogs that are well-controlled, the body’s excess sugar can have secondary effects on the eye’s lenses causing it to get more water to influx to the lenses that may disrupt the lens’ clearness. 

  • You will have less urinary accidents in your home.

One of the greatest signs of uncontrolled diabetes is excessive urination, drinking and having several urinary accidents in your home. The sooner you can help your dog with insulin and have the diabetes regulated or controlled, the less your dog will urinate and drink which can also make your dog more comfortable!

  • You will be more at peace once you realize that your dog is healthy.

As an owner, you want to guarantee that your dog is as healthy as possible. You may be talking with your vet already regarding vaccines every year in a dog if it is older that’s older than 7 years old; then, talk to your vet about performing an annual routine blood work and exam as well.

Ann Ruyag
Ann Ruyag

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