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5 Reasons Why Cats Meow

by Albert John April 09, 2017

5 Reasons Why Cats Meow

We surely have noticed how cats make a sound that is so distinct from other animal sounds. Why do they even sound like that? Why do they make sound such as meow-ing? While we often consider cats as indifferent type of animals, we cannot deny the fact that they sound cute whenever they meow. It goes through our ears as if their sounds are so sweet. Don’t you think that despite their indifferent attitude, they are, however, sweet type of creatures?

Cats are one of the most common pets that are enjoyed to be pets by most people. Even if they are usually snob with people, even with their owners, they have this appeal to be sweet and is very ideal to cuddle with. They meow that makes them unique from other animals.

Why do they create a sound such as when they meow?

They are hurt.

If your pet cat meows excessively, it is a sign that there could be something wrong in its body. You should take it or let it be evaluated by a veterinarian because there might be conditions which you are not aware of. In this case, veterinarians are the only ones who will be able to help your cats especially if they have medical condition.

Meow is a sign of hunger.

Sometimes, when cats meow, it is more likely that your pet cat is showing a sign that it is hungry. You should be aware of the daily time you feed your pet cat so you know when it is hungry or feeling other things other than hunger. Additionally, cat parents know when their kittens are hungry and this is a sound that all cat parents understand.

They are seeking for your attention.

Cats do not always look like in the wrong mood. They sometimes also feel enthusiastic to play with their owners. Whenever they meow at you, it could be that they are looking for attention and want to have some time with you.

It is stressed.

One of the saddest things for animals, especially cats, is that they only know how to express their feelings through the sounds they make and other actions. If you have already given it food to eat but still meows excessively, there is a great possibility that they are stressed and exhausted.

It is in a heated area.

Cats are also sensitive when it comes to temperature. They are likely to meow excessively when they are in heat. They will complain or send you the message that they are heated by meowing.

Albert John
Albert John

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