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5 Essential Dog Grooming Supplies For Home Grooming

by Sarene Maev Butao December 11, 2018

5 Essential Dog Grooming Supplies For Home Grooming

We love our dogs from the bottom of our hearts. They give us the affection and care that we would never find on other people along with their undeniable loyalty towards us. Since our pet doggies have given so much for us, it’s time to give back to our furry friends the affection that we are continually receiving from them. Through grooming them, it would improve their overall mood and maintain a clean physical appearance.

It’s important to groom your dog as an owner and schedule a grooming session with them at your home once in a while to make them look and feel like they’re at their best. We have to use appropriate grooming tools so that we would place their comfort first before anything else. From brushes to nail trimming tools, we must be equipped with proper materials when it comes to the satisfaction of our loved fluffballs.

Here are five of the essential dog grooming materials for home grooming:

Fur Grooming Glove Comb for Pet

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A simple hairbrush won’t do when it comes to the grooming of our doggies. We have to consider the sensitivity of their skin, how would it affect them, and the effectivity of the item. If you’re looking for a fantastic comb brush for your pet dog, then this particular item is essential for you! It puts the comfortability of your canine companion first through its soft rubber grain. Lefties are not left out with this grooming glove comb brush since it could be used through both hands.

It also gives your doggies comfortable massages which make grooming friendlier and safer. The mitt covers your entire hand, preventing your dogs from biting you out of nowhere should they go on a rampage and serves as a calming agent for them. You could use it during shower time, after shower time, and a lazy afternoon where you would brush the fur of your dog until they fall asleep.

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Rechargeable Professional Dog Haircut Shave Trimmer

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Our dog’s fur is a vital asset that they have. The thickness of their coat depends on the type of environment they are currently facing which would prove to be a hassle for you when winter is over. They always shed their coat and leave fur all over your house. It’s a total mess whenever your dog is not trimmed, and you don’t have the time to take them to a pet store and have them cleaned up. You could now do this at your home through this rechargeable dog shave trimmer.

It takes 60 – 90 minutes to empty the battery and 4 – 6 hours to fully charge the battery. It comes with different grooming materials to further improve the overall experience. The item is a fantastic tool to have for any dog lovers since it’s a common fact that dogs have to get their coat trimmed continuously. Now, you can shave them whenever you want! 

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Professional Electric Nail Grooming Tool for Pets

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The claws or nails of our little friends are sometimes the cause of our nightmares and destroys our pristine image of them. Sure, they might look innocent when they’re playing around with you, but make the mistake of turning your back against them, and they’d surely find something to destroy. To protect you and your cat’s interests, having a nail trimming tool at your house is a great idea. Not only would you save time and money by not continually visiting the pet store for grooming, but you could also save your beloved objects from total annihilation.

The nail grooming tool is automatic pedicure equipment wherein the grindstone rotates quickly to chip away the excess claw of your pup. The versatility of the material makes it an excellent option for nail grooming, it’s effortless to use, and it applies to dogs of all sizes!

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Durable 20 pcs Of Soft Colorful Nail Caps For Puppies

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Are you tired of constantly haunted by your young puppy’s scratching habits? Maybe it’s a good idea to accessorize them with nail caps so that you could prevent a disastrous situation from happening ever again. It would protect your furniture from the dangers of your little one’s claws by placing caps on their nails to hide their sharp claws. If you can’t go through with surgically declawing your puppy or you’re tired of always trimming their nails, then this item is essential for you.

The adhesive placed inside of the caps last for 4-6 weeks wherein it wouldn’t hinder the natural growth of your puppy’s nails. Stop yourself from going through the hassle of continually trimming your pup’s nails every time they scratch our objects. It comes in different vibrant colors that would definitely look good on your pup! 

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Pet Non-Slip Nail Clippers

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If you’re the kind of person who wants to groom their pet for further increasing your bond manually, then this non-slip nail clippers’ an ideal tool to have for you. It has everything you need when it comes to clawing and fur care such as a nail clipper, nail file, and non-slip ergonomic handles for the safety of your doggies, your things, and others. You could prevent a disaster from happening and even help your dogs from overgrowing their nails. The nail clippers are durable which means you could use it for many more of your friends to come!

It’s a safe item to have and use on your pet with its safety stop that prevents your doggies from hurting or cutting it too short. The nail file at the bottom also corrects the nails should they become too sharp during a grooming session. The non-slip nail clippers is a must-have item for every doggy lover that they would surely enjoy for many years to come!

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We have to be cautious about the care and grooming of our dogs. Their adorable paws should be protected and managed, their fluffy coat should be continuously trimmed, and their comfort is the most factor you have to consider. Have fun with grooming your dog to perfection, this way you could bond more with your pups and doggies without taking the time always to visit the pet store.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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