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4 Signs That You Have A Healthy Dog

by Albert John May 01, 2017

4 Signs That You Have A Healthy Dog

Just because you see your dog’s tail wagging in front of you doesn’t mean he is healthy all along. Dogs still have the ability to wag their tails even if they are not that healthy. I mean, their tails are lies behind his body. How could that be a sign of unhealthy body? However, wagging their tails also means they are happy but still is not reliable enough for you to identify whether or not he is healthy.

Raising healthy dogs will require effort and patience from you as the owner. Obviously, they don’t have the ability to tell you what they are feeling, only body signs but it is also limited. If you want to keep them healthy, you must know what it takes to keep them healthy.

Listed below are signs that tell your dog is healthy. Check it out and start taking action.

Fresh breath.

In this part, you don’t have to purposely open your dog’s mouth. You can actually bring him to a vet in case you don’t feel comfortable smelling his mouth. If your dog has a health problem such as gingivitis, it is more likely to affect your dog’s vital organs. It is because of the buildup of plaque, food and tartar in your dog’s gums and teeth. The rotten smell comes from the cavity and decayed food particles which mean you have to brush your dog’s teeth as much as you brush yours. Don’t worry because you will be using different toothbrush.

Regular bowel movements.

A healthy dog has regular bowel movements. Of course, you don’t have to set up camera just to see if your dog is releasing his worldly dirt. If he stays in your house, you can easily check around if he has already released his feelings. You must be able to know this to see if your dog’s health is doing well.

Just in case your dog is having a constipation, here's what you can do: 

Clean and shiny coat.

You don’t have to pour all shampoo and conditioner to your dog when you’re taking him a bath. If your dog is healthy, he will have a natural shiny coat which will look attractive to almost everyone. This shiny coat also means he is clean. So fresh!

Ears are odor-free.

This time, you must forget all your awkwardness because you really need to check your dog’s ears. You don’t have to wait if those dirt come falling from his ears. Be responsible and take action!

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Albert John
Albert John

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