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4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Cat Have a Scratching Post

by Albert John April 03, 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Cat Have a Scratching Post

By this time, for sure you are having headaches because your pet cat is scratching your furniture again. Is this something to get worried about? Yes. This may be a simple act of scratching and a natural attitude of cats but you would not let your precious pieces of furniture be damaged by your pets. You are letting them enjoy and let them take their time doing their habits but it does not necessarily have to be damaging your things. A scratching post will be of great help in your case. Did you know that a scratching post is not just a piece of furniture but also gives benefits not just to you but also to your pet cats? You should know this by now.

Here are four reasons why cats should scratching post.

It makes adjustments for kittens.

If you have kittens, pretty sure you have already seen them bolting from nowhere or sometimes even look abandoning you. They are not used to new environments unless treated well to be a part of it. A scratching post is a good venue to make your kitten at ease. The adjustments will be a lot easier when your kitten starts to get use to his environment and feel comfortable with just a scratching post.



Saves furniture.

If cats can laugh, they surely would laugh at you the moment you start crying because your furniture that they have scratched is now with an authentic and unique design. However, a scratching post will divert their natural tendencies causing them to focus on scratching the scratching post instead of your furniture! Will you not be happy about it? Treat this as saving your furniture without needing to scold your pets.

Good for the health.

A scratching post is one best way to reduce the stress of your pet cats. You may see their scratching as a weird habit but it improves the shapes of pet cats’ claws. Scratching is also a good exercise for them to increases their energy. A cat that scratches without worrying is a stress-free cat.



Brings other cats together.

If you are one of those cat lovers, you will be able to unite your cats by having a scratching post for them. When one starts to scratch this post, others will also join the first one and will have a great time spending together. This will not only increase harmony among your lovely cats but will also be able to help keep them healthy together.

Albert John
Albert John

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