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4 Basic Commands In Training Your Dogs

by Albert John April 24, 2017

4 Basic Commands In Training Your Dogs

It pleases us to see our pet dogs enjoying our company and learning what we teach them. It is this happiness when you know they understand you by simply giving them commands. Psychologists would claim that the overwhelming feeling you feel when you are around your pets serve as stress relievers that allow your body to release chemicals that stimulate you to become happy. However, how you train your pets would also matter on how much you appreciate their presence and how much determination you exert into training your dogs.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that you know the commands you should teach to your pet dog as you train him so he also becomes better than who he is right now. Also, they love it when they sense that you love them and share affection with them.

Here is a list of best commands you can use in training your dogs.


This command is best for your dogs to avoid getting him in trouble such as getting away from your hold even with his leash on. You can use this command by simply pulling his leash while going down to his level and telling him “come”. If he comes to you, you can give him a reward of affection. Once he gets used of his leash, you can then release him from his leash.

Learn the basics by Zac:


Telling your dog to sit is one of the easiest commands you can give them. You can start by holding a treat in level of their nose and move it up so his head also moves up, allowing himself in a sitting position. You can then tell him to sit and he will sit. Give him the treat as a reward and give him also the affection.


You can achieve this command in training your dog if you have already mastered to make him sit. You can show them your hand as they sit and tell them to stay. However, you must first take gradual steps before turning away. Don’t forget to give him a treat as a reward even if he stays for only a couple of seconds.

What about a puppy?

Albert John
Albert John

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