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4 Advice For Dealing With Cat’s Diabetes

by Albert John November 13, 2017

4 Advice For Dealing With Cat’s Diabetes


  • Diet is important in dealing with a cat’s diabetes.

Diabetic cats must not intake foods that are dry. Most veterinarians recommend a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet for cats who are diabetic and dry food is perfect for this kind of diet since it has low carbohydrates.


  • Providing an insulin is not as difficult as it looks.

It requires you to give insulin by injection if your diabetic cat needs it. The catch here is that cats have several loose skin around and between their shoulders and this is the perfect spot for giving them shots.


  • You will have to work closely with your veterinarian.

Your cat will possibly need more repeated exams, especially as his insulin dosage is being steadied. Also, you will need to give records of the home-test blood glucose levels of your cat to your vet so that you can purchase your cat’s syringes and insulin.


  • There are constant expenses related to diabetes in cats.

Takingcare of a cat  with diabetic tendencies indicates that you will need supplies such as test strips, syringes and batteries for your insulin, glucometer, and the like. Pet health insurance does not shelter conditions that are pre-existing. Hence, if your cat’s diabetic the moment you adopt her, you will have to be prepared financially when she has a crisis in health. A cat that’s diabetic requires being regularly fed. Even if you are moving away for just an overnight trip, you have to ensure that you make an arranged schedule for your cat to be monitored and fed.

Albert John
Albert John

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