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3 Tips To Help Your Dog Eat Slowly

by Albert John November 17, 2017

3 Tips To Help Your Dog Eat Slowly

If your dog happens to eat very fast, it could possibly lead to negative consequences like gagging, choking, vomiting, aggressive behavior or bloating. Here are some of the steps and few tips to remember for you in attempting to cut out your dog’s bad habit.


  • Make the following meal into a training session.

The moment you own a dog who chew his food too fast, he will probably do just anything for his next meal and bite. Practice stay, sit, play dead or down, and then give your dog a reward with some bites every time a command is done. You are not simply slowing down the eating process of your dog, but you are also sharpening their skills simultaneously.


  • Alter the feeding schedule of your dog.

Similar to humans, dogs tend to eat faster if they undergo a long time between their meals. If this is the main reason why your dog acts this way, try to give a gap on your dog’s meal out by feeding him more often but in smaller parts.


  • Hand-feed your dog.

This method can be time consuming on your part and a bit gross. However, when all else fails, this old method gets the job done. Though it is not the greatest option for you, but it is a minimum price to pay to ensure that your best furry friend will not have an upset belly or worse, a digestive track issue.

Albert John
Albert John

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