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3 Reasons Why Large Dogs Should have Dog Beds

by Albert John March 16, 2017

3 Reasons Why Large Dogs Should have Dog Beds

When was the last time you made your dog have his diet?
Every time dogs get bigger, they also tend to occupy bigger space
around your house. They get heavier and, at the same time, develop
health conditions because of old age. Large dogs are all but cute
and adorable. This is not something an owner should get worried about
especially when dogs belong in high breed family. It often requires extended
patience, love and care for large dogs.
Basically, dogs need beds. They also need rest and what comes along
with it is comfort. Imagine owning a large dog and you let it sleep in
cramped bed. How will they even take a good rest if they are sleeping in
a bed that is good for a kick away? Dog beds may not be a big deal for all
people who own dogs, but these lovely animals do.
You might want to take a look at these reasons to enlighten you up
why your large dogs need dog beds.
Wider space for deep sleep. Dogs actually spend half of their lives
sleeping. In fact, they sleep 12 to 14 hours a day which you may
have not noticed. When they sleep in a curled tight ball position, they are
more likely not getting enough sleep because they easily get awakened.
Dogs usually have good sleep stage when they are stretched out on
their sides. Because of this, they have to stretch their bodies at this
position to get REM sleep just like what humans have. A dog bed with
wide space will be beneficial to them.
Health friendly. Remember that there are dogs that often experience
joint pains, especially large canines. Dog beds are of importance because
of the warmth it can provide to dogs’ bodies. This way, your pets will not
be suffering anymore with joint and body pains.
Supplies support. Large dogs indicate heavy weight. As they grow older,
they easily gain weight especially when they are high-bred dogs. Dog beds
will supply the needed support for their bodies during their sleeping time,
thus increases security and safety.
Albert John
Albert John

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