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3 Easy Steps to Prevent Your Dog From Pulling on His Leash

by Albert John September 24, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Prevent Your Dog From Pulling on His Leash

  • Step #1

To create a win-win walk is to let your four-legged companion learn that he will have the time to satisfy his sense of smell. With this, you have to agree to the fact that you need to slow down and allow him to smell the wildlife, the roses, and all the pee-mails.


  • Step #2

To create a cue intended for your dog to let him comprehend that his sniffing time is over for a bit and the time for exercising has started. Begin by saying the cue, and, when you can walk safely on concrete or a pavement, choose that and say your cue.


  • Step #3

Teach your dog that pulling on his leash will not let him get what he wants. Teach dogs how to walk on leash nicely through utilizing amazing food reinforcers, which could be cheese or meat, at first. You can first let your dog see the treat and toss it a few feet behind you as you move forward slowly. Your dog will eventually go behind you to get the treat and, while he catches up, he will probably look at your face to ask: “Do you have any more of that thing? Cause I love it! Then, at that time, make a happy eye-to-eye contact and say “Yes!” then toss another treat behind you. The cycle goes on and on until you finish your exercise.


It is difficult for your dog to pull you forward once he is happily right beside you. You can make a cue on his behavior if your dog is trotted at your side, like “with me” or “heel”. It is an amazing skill to have on cue!

Albert John
Albert John

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