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2 Common Foods That Are Harmful To Your Dog

by Albert John April 17, 2018

2 Common Foods That Are Harmful To Your Dog

A dog eats anything, and a lot of these things could cause it severe harm. This topic is dedicated to 2 ordinary household foods that are harmful to your dog that you might not even know you have around your kitchen.

  • Sugar-free Candy and Gum

Sugar-free candy and gums contain xylitol, which is a synthetic sweetener that’s alleged to have real health benefits in us. For example, it purportedly lowers cavities in individual that eat it instead of real sugar. However, pooches gain no health benefits from this artificial sweetener. Well, xylitol could cause liver failure and severe hypoglycemia in dogs. Pooches subjected to the stuff may need few days in the vet for supplementation of dextrose – and then still may suffer from liver failure. So, if you own a dog, it is best to keep your house free of food that contains xylitol.

  • Raisins and Grapes

Even though xylitol supposedly provides health benefits to us, grapes, however, is really nutritious and healthy for humans. Unfortunately, it isn’t the same for dogs. Grapes have been linked with fatal kidney failure in pooches. It isn’t clear why this fruit causes harm to dogs. What is clear is that several pooches would be in huge trouble if they will eat raisins or grapes. Sadly, grapes are attractive to dogs. So, if you have a pet dog, better keep your house grape or raisin free. If you can’t help yourself, go eat grapes away from your dog.

Albert John
Albert John

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