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13 Amazing Feline Facts

by Albert John September 20, 2017

13 Amazing Feline Facts


  1. Unlike humans, cats can drink seawater since they have kidneys that filter out salt and utilize the water content to hydrate their bodies.
  2. Scientists are certain that a key taste receptor’s mutation has stopped the cats from being able to taste sweet things, sugar in particular. No can will ever appreciate the happiness of having a cupcake.
  3. Ear furnishings are the furry tufts that can be found inside the ears of a cat. They protect the ear and aid filter out the debris and direct sounds.
  4. Theoretically, cats are able to hear dolphins since they can hear noises that are ultrasonic that dolphins use to communicate.
  5. The nose pattern of a cat us unique similar to a human fingerprint.
  6. Nicola Tesla was fueled to delve on electricity after Macak, his cat, gave him a static shock.
  7. When kittens are about a week old, they start to dream.
  8. Kittens frequently sleeps since the bodies of cats only produces a growth hormones the moment they are asleep.
  9. You can add for approximately 2 to 3 years to a cat’s life if you neuter one.
  10. Most of the male cats favor their left paws. On the other hand, females are right-pawed.
  11. Cats also sweat through their paw’s pads.
  12. Cats have the ability to run 3 mph, which is faster that Usain Bolt.
  13. Cats have “haw” or the third eyelid which can usually be seen only if they are unwell.

Albert John
Albert John

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