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10 Warning Signals You Should Never Ignore in Pets

by Sarene Maev Butao November 22, 2018

10 Warning Signals You Should Never Ignore in Pets

When you own a pet, they would usually be jolly and upbeat towards you and never having to encounter any problem until they get sick. Since animals lack the voice to tell you whenever something’s wrong with them, it's up to you to take matters into your hands and be their guardian. Sometimes, the smallest sign of sickness or weakness might be the deciding factor whether you could be in time for them to be medicated or not.

Their adorable eyes and noises may not portray how they’re doing well in their health, but if you look and listen carefully, you could pick up several signs here and there when they are ill. Here are some signs and warning signals you should look out for in your pets to avoid any complications.

  1. Lethargy, or severe weariness.

Dogs and cats alike are naturally lively, energetic, and observant to their surroundings. It should be noted that whenever they feel down, lazy, or passive, it could be a sign that your pet has an illness. It’s the same case for every pet and is one of the most prominent symptoms of sickness in every pet. If they’re slow in responding with their environment using their senses, it would be a good idea to take them to the nearest veterinarian and have them checked out for any disease within 24 hours.

  1. Weight loss and loss of appetite.

We are used to our pets munching down to anything we offer to them. May it be treats or foods, they always seem energetic and eager to consume the food they’re offered. It would shock most pet owners whenever their pets are not eating anything or losing weight in which it would negatively impact their condition within 24 hours of not eating. Weight loss that exceeds 10% of their current weight could be a red flag for your pet, so take them to the pet clinic and have them checked.

  1. The trouble with breathing.

Difficulty in breathing means that there’s a problem with your pet’s respiratory system or their heart. Irregular breathing could say that there’s not enough oxygen going to the tissues or it could be because they’re having a heart problem. It’s a huge problem whenever our animal friend is having trouble with their breathing as this could open the doors to the numerous possibilities of having multiple diseases. Watch out for their breathing pattern!

  1. Fever or high temperature.

Whenever we are sick, the most basic symptom would always be fever with rising temperature. It is also the same for our feline and canine companions, in which their body temperature increases whenever they're fighting off infection within their body — an average temperature of 38 to 39 degrees Celsius or 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you feel like your pet has a higher temperature than usual, it would be wise to seek out help from the veterinarian. 

  1. Change in urinary habits or trouble with urinating.

It’s entirely reasonable for your pet to urinate three to five times a day. It might be a hassle for your part, but it’s within their nature to pee this much. What is not normal however is when they pee more than the usual count or when they make numerous failed attempts at urinating. If they let out moans or cry out in the middle of urinating, it’s another sign of your pet having an illness. Never ignore this signal as some diseases have symptoms of urinary difficulty that might kill off your pet within several days!

  1. Excessive drinking or consumption of water.

It’s adorable to look at your pet having a drink using their tongues. It’s comforting to see them drink their tiredness away especially after playtime at the park in the middle of broad daylight. If you overlooked the number of times they’ve consumed water, it would seriously spell a huge problem since it’s not normal for them to drink water regularly. Excessively drinking water could be a symptom of having diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney failure, or chronic kidney disease.

  1. Having red eyes.

We could look all day at our pet’s eyes, and we would never get bored with the amount of cuteness they contain. It could also be a good thing to look at their eyes regularly to check whether there’s something wrong with their eyes or not. Take a closer look at their sclera or the white part of the eyes and see if they’re reddish. It could mean that they have inflammation or infection within their eyes in which some could lead to blindness. Take them to the vet if the eyes of your beloved are turning red.

  1. Restlessness and constantly pacing around.

There are many indications if your pet is continuously moving around and being restless. Perhaps they’re bored with their lives, or there could be something wrong with them. It could be characterized by pacing around, heavy panting, introverting, or even aggression! Another sign you should look out for is when they try to vomit, but nothing ever comes out as it could mean that they have gastric dilatation volvulus.

  1. Swollen belly.

It’s not a problem if your pet is so full after eating that their stomachs enlarge. It could be adorable to look! It’s also not a problem if it’s a female and they’re undergoing pregnancy. However, it’s an entirely different problem if it never goes away. Take it seriously whenever your pet has an enlarged stomach since it could mean that they have life-threatening diseases or internal bleeding. Seek advice from professionals when you see this problem.

  1. Blood in liquid and solid discharges.

It’s literally a red flag to see blood in the stool, urine, and vomit of your dog or cat. If you see any bright red blood in your pet’s discharges, it usually means that it’s fresh blood and darker colors indicate that the substance is partially digested. Rush them to the pet doctor immediately when you see a sign like this!

It only takes a little observation and knowledge to save your loved one’s life. Be their voice in their time of need and always be there if they do have a sickness. You have to be their number one supporter in terms of their health since it’s your responsibility as the owner to look out for them when no one could. Remember that you are the only family to them, so treasure them as much as possible.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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