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10 Best Cat Beds You Can Buy

by Sarene Maev Butao November 23, 2018

10 Best Cat Beds You Can Buy

We are so used to the idea that our cats sleep anywhere they like. They sleep at the top of the shelf, under the sofa, or even on your lap! They usually occupy the empty cardboard boxes that we have around, making it the only safe place. But we have to reconsider the comfortability of our feline friend even if they’re all right with sleeping at the most unusual places.

Just like how dogs have their kennels, fishes live in aquariums, and birds live in cages, our feline companion are also in need of a home. It’s to give them the feeling of security and comfort that they don’t feel at new homes. Cats sleep for 16 hours in a day and with this in mind, we should pay more attention to where they spend most of their time and make it as comfortable as possible.

There are many factors you have to consider when picking the best bed for your beloved cat. It ranges from nest-style beds to luxury beds, and there are too many variations that could give you a headache as to what to choose. The sky’s the limit when it comes to cat beds since everybody loves them and would do anything to make them comfortable. Here are 10 of the best mattresses for your feline to make their nights more convenient. 

  1. Shark Cat House

cat bed

Jaws might be a thing of the past but looking at your cat inside an adorable mouth of a shark would certainly brighten up your day. Since cats usually like cramped spaces to sleep such as your cardboard boxes, it would be right up in their alley when you choose to go for this cozy bed for your cat. It also has a removable cushion, so there’s no problem with washing the fur and dirt away. The waterproof feature would ensure that no product of wet dreams would retain to the bed.

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  1. Mouse Cat Bed

cat bed

If you feel like sharks are too brutal for your cat to sleep in, there’s also a bed that looks like their favorite food. The mouse cat bed offers a removable cushion and waterproof bottom just like the shark cat bed, but the addition of two dangling pom toys would drive your feline buddy crazy! The bed is scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it being destroyed on the first day. It’s a perfect bed to sleep in after playtime.

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  1. Scratcher Lounge
cat bed

As a cat owner, you might have observed that your feline friend loves to scratch their necks or backs against rough surfaces. It’s natural for them to feel good every after scraping, so it might be a good idea to hit two birds with one stone – buy a bed where they could scratch around! It’s a collapsible bed that you could bring anywhere with you, making bedtime and past time for your pet accessible everywhere. Shop the full collection here.

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  1. House Bed
cat bed

If you’re looking for a bed with more room in it, a house bed would be ideal for you. It gives them more room to position and gets comfortable. The addition of warm plush pad makes the item comfortable enough for your feline companion and also, it comes in cute designs such as different colored strawberries and leopard patterns!

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  1.  Mats
cat bed

If you’re looking to bring your cat with you on a journey across the country, the crates and kennels might be a little too uncomfortable for them. For you to remove that unhomely vibe from crates and kennels, there are 2 in 1 mat and bed available to make traveling more comfortable for your companion. Not only does it serve as a great cushion, but it could also be used as a comfortable bed for them to lay in!

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  1. Window Mounted Bed

cat bed

We want to give our cats the best experience as much as possible. Sometimes, our lack of space would make it impossible for us to provide them with beds that take up space. Consider your problem solved with a window mounted bed for your cat! You could place them at the window to save space if you’re having issues with it, it could serve as an exercising activity for them to jump around, and lastly, it could provide a great view of the outside for a more authentic sleeping experience.

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  1. Sleeping Bag
cat bed

We love our pets so much that we would willingly do anything to make them feel very comfortable. Sleeping bags are another way of giving your pet a soft and warm bed in which they could just curl up. There are sleeping bags that are breathable while keeping your kitty cat cozy. It comes in cute design and colors for a more fashionable bedtime. A breathable nest for a beautiful feline is the way to go!

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  1. House Cage
cat bed

There are many uses for pet tents such as giving your cat a safe place for them to sleep during camps or outdoor activities, a birthing pen to keep the kittens in one place, and a sleeping bed. If you’re looking more of the practical side and looking for a foundation that could serve many purposes, a housing cage would be a good choice for you. Make playtime, bedtime, and vacation a wonderful experience for your cats!

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  1. Toast Bread Cat Bed
cat bed

 If you’re looking for a funny and smart bed design, a   toast bread cat bed is right up your alley! The cleverly made bed is not good for its looks, but it’s also very comfortable and luxurious. It’s funny and adorable to look at your cat getting comfortable at a toasted bread,   all ready for you to eat!


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  1. Half Deck Pet Sleeping Bed

Are you looking to give your cat a luxurious bedtime experience? Perhaps an adorable half deck bed would suit your cat’s taste. It keeps your cat warm and cozy as they fall asleep rather quickly. They could also normally breathe since there’s much room for open space. The item is thick which is very much like duvets, a blanket fit for a king or queen like your prized friend!

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Always remember that providing your cat a house is not enough. You have to make the place cozy enough so that they would feel secure and supported. It’s your responsibility to take the initiative of their needs since they don’t have the proper voice to speak out what they want and need. Make bedtime for your pet interactive!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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