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Bird Ladder & Parrot Swing

Isn’t it ironic that a bird with wings that can make them fly and stay afloat in the sky for hours would need a ladder and a swing? Well, it’s because our pet birds love to climb up ladders and exercise their feet once in a while! A bird ladder helps your pet bird with their feet, and it’s exhilarating for them to climb up ladders to work up their appetite. It could be in the form of a ladder, bridge, or anything as long as your pet bird can climb its way to the top.

As for your parrot, they love a good ol’ swing that they can cling to and sway. A hammock is very useful in persuading your parrot to feel comfortable in the new environment because they love the feeling of swinging around in a rope. Never deprive your pets of what they want and instead give them all that you could provide for them so that in the end, they won’t be bored out of their minds all alone in their cage.

A climbing stair or ladder provides your pet bird hours and hours of fun and excitement as they climb their way to the top! There are also hanging bridges that they can cross using their nimble feet which makes it more fun for them. Also, it emulates the feeling of being back in the jungle where there are tons of places where they can climb around and use their claws to get a grip. There are many designs you could choose so be sure to find the one that will give your pet bird and parrot the most fun and best experience! For all other products for your pet's, check out our entire collection here.

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Folding pet octogon

My cats love it My Frankie was raised with his littermates in a larger one so her remembers it. He takes his toys in and plays hide and seek with his buddies.

So cute

Nice and warm and fits warmly over my head and ears. I love it.

Chip the indoor cat....

Our cat Chip loves the outdoors,yet it's a busy area with lots of trafic,So we bought a stroller the only problem was we couldn't find the right harness,No matter what he could find a way out of his Harness, until this one from Pet clever,no matter how noisy it gets outside just leaning in to the stroller i can see him neiding and purring. thank you, Gary and Paula Mathews.


Very well made harness

I bought this cute harness for Our 8 mo old bengal. It fits her perfectly. If i need another fOr ouR 3 year old Bengal. I’ll certainly buy it from petclever.