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As the pet owner, it’s your highest priority to give your pets, especially birds, the best home available. You could get confused by the wide variety of choices, and this simple decision is the dictator of your winged pet’s quality of life.

Find the perfect location in the house to place your cage. The ideal location is somewhere a little farther away from the windows but still at the active part of the house.

When it comes to bird cages, the larger cage will always be better except for other birds that are faring good when placed on a small cage.

Never keep your birdie at a tiny cage for their body since they might experience mental breakdowns. Make sure they got enough room to walk around and expand their wings.

Birds are great escape artists, so you have to choose a cage with a bar spacing relative to their size to prevent them from escaping. Give your bird a home they would be comfortable in. If you need accessories for your cage, we have them.

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