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Awesome Reasons to Have a Pet Labrador

by Albert John October 05, 2017

There are probably hundreds of Dog breeds out there, right? And it can be pretty confusing on choosing the right dog even just from your local pet store. You might have your preferences, the kind of color, fur, or size; but still, because of their overall cuteness, you’d still probably want to own them all nevertheless.

    But in reality, and in practicality, you have to choose one. To help you, here are the awesome reasons why you should find and have a pet Labrador.

First Reason

    Labradors Retrievers are always ready for a game or sport! The first Labradors are hunting and fishing companions, which mean that they are wired for activities like retrieving your ball, running with you or even accompany you in your swim!

Second Reason

    Labradors also make a great family pet, especially if they receive extra attention and care. If trained and socialized properly at a young age, they make good friends with your children and other pets.

Third Reason

    Labradors Retrievers doesn’t give extra hassle and only requires occasional grooming. They have short double coats that seasonally shed, and what they need is just an occasional bath, a bi-weekly nail trim, coat brushing, and they are in good shape.

Fourth Reason

    Labradors are also good security dogs that can offer you protection and loyalty. They have strong and agile bodies that can fend off potential criminals. They are also used by government agencies as security dogs to sniff out contrabands and danger.

Fifth Reason

    Aside from the typical knee and hip dysplasia, which are the common sickness of dogs when they age, Labradors are healthy, and you can expect to spend 10-12 years of lovely companionship.

    I hope I had convinced you and I hope you will discover for yourself the awesome reasons why you should have a pet Labrador! 

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Albert John
Albert John

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