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Cat Toy with 3 Feathers Automatic Cat Toys with LED Lights


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Cat Toy with 3 Feathers Automatic Cat Toys with LED Lights 😺



  • Perfect Companion to Kitty This automatic moving cat toy moves in so many different ways it will keep your cat skiddishing, pouncing , running, prawling and's just cute to watch them play.This motorized cat toy is also great for distracting them when you need to focus!
  • Smart Electric Cat Toys When interactive cat toys for indoor cat hits an obstacle, It moves around stops and then spins and goes in all different directions. The RGB LED lights and sporadic movements keep them occupied.Your cats will have a great time and be entertained for a long time.
  • Serve Your Cat Cyclely It’s rechargeable so no battery to worry about.After fully charged, the interactive cat toy will consistent work for about 60 minutes. Every 10 minutes of operation, the cat toy will automatically stop for 30 minutes (it can be activated by touching), and then run again for 10 minutes, the automatical moving cat toy will turn off automatically to allow your cat to rest between activity.
  • Low Noise The automatic moving cat toy works good on carpet as well as tile and hard wood with no scratches due to the rubber strips on the wheels,it entertains the kitties and doesn’t make a ton of noise on the carpet.
  • DIY Your Cat Toy You could change the different attachments that then have and everything was automated.With a lot of cats and being a rescuer they need something to keep them stimulated. Your automatic electronic cat toys is a wonderful thing to keep them going an active.Our packet included 2 feathers and 1 streamer

Package Includes:
1* Cat Toy with 3 Feathers Automatic Cat Toys with LED Lights

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