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A Scratcher and A Lounge For Your Lovely Cat


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A Scratcher and A Lounge For Your Lovely Cat😻

YOUR PETS WILL LOVE IT - Our cat scratcher bed is made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard, which will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your cat. Besides, with textured scratching surface, it offers a right place to satisfy your cat's natural scratching needs.


🔹Free Worldwide Shipping

🔹Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

🔹Ideal scratching bed for homes with some felines

🔹Satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instincts

🔹Help to protect your furniture from claw damage

GIF Circle bed
GIF Circlebed
🔹Collapsible scratcher bed

🔹Easily assembled and folded

🔹Made of durable corrugated cardboard

🔹Made from eco-friendly SAFE, non-toxic materials
GIF circlebed
🔹Include 100% organic catnip

🔹Can transform into different unique & attractive shapes

🔹Designed especially FOR CATS to sharpen their claws


External Diameter


50cm/20" 6cm*13cm / 2.5"*5"

To help attract your cat even more to the scratcher, simply sprinkle catnip onto the scratcher and your cat will not be able to resist.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Scratcher and lounge

My cats love this lounge

Keeps cat busy and happy for hours

I bought this for our ragdoll cat, mia. As soon as i opened it and put it on the floor she ran To it and loved it! She lays in it for hours. Mia plays in it, sleeps in it And enjoys daily. This Was the best purchase i made for her. Happy Mia, happy grandma!

Big enough

I have a very big cat and He lOves this bed. He can curl up in it with plenty of Room. The circular shape is perfect. I have two cats they both have these and sleep in them all the time.

Fabulous toy

My cats love this. Sleep in it too. Very sturdy for the claws. Thanks.


Ever since I got the lounger and my cat is not sleeping next to me. She's loving it! Thank you so much for helping me out as well with the delivery after it got lost in the mail. I thought I'LL never get it.

Keep up the good work and thank you for the lovely products.. my car is certainly enjoying her new toys and furniture. All the best to YOUR team.