Explaining Some Of The Most Common Cat Behaviors

                Cats are one of the smartest, yet mysterious kinds of animals. The thing is, we can’t possibly understand them completely, we can only surmise answers from the patterns of what they do.

If you are a new cat owner, this article is a blessing as I will share with you some of their most common behaviors and some possible explanations why they do it.

  1. Why Cats Rubs their selves face to you?

In the world and society of cats, the smell is very important. This is why they rub themselves into you and objects to indicate what is theirs. They also rub other cats as a form of greeting or the smell they left can also be a notification or warning against enemy cats.

  1. Why do Cats Bring Dead Prey?

Cats are predators, just like their bigger ancestors like Jaguars, Leopards, Lions, and Tiger. Cats are domesticated, but they retain some of that predatory gene that leads them to hunt mice and other insects that disturb your home.

  1. Why do Cats expose their Belly but gets angry when touched?

As I said earlier, it is not completely known if why cats do things. When they expose their bellies, two possible explanations exists, they want to play, or they are telling you that they trust you.

Either way, if you touch your cat, they will scratch or even attempt to bite you. This behavior is part of Cats when they play, or in the other instance, trying to touch them while they are exposing themselves will make your attempt threatening.

Why We Must Purchase Dog Clothes

            Many questions why people have to buy Dog Clothes. To them, this is just a way of spoiling them, and it hides and defeats the beauty of their glamorous coats. But to the real pet owners, who truly care and love them, buying clothes is not a petty but a necessity.

Why Purchase

             Our lovable pet Dogs are vulnerable to fluctuating temperatures, especially the smaller furry ones. Buying clothes for them shields them to these harsh temperatures, making them comfortable even from the bitterest winters. Buying them Dog Clothes also means loving them like your kids, enabling them to join costume parties.

Kinds of Dog Clothes

             There are several dog clothes that have their specific use, here’s a list of some of them.

Dog Rain Coats – Dog raincoats cover the bodies of our furry friend when it is raining outside. This clothing protects them from getting wet and sick. Some Dog Rain Coats contain reflective straps in them that serve as an additional security purpose.

Dog Jackets – Dog Jackets keep your pet warm and comfy in cold situations. Dog Jackets are very useful when you are bringing your dog outside on a cold night or during your early morning exercise.

Dog Tshirts and Costumes – This third kind of Dog Clothe is the most famous one. There are many dog Tshirts and Costumes that are available in the market. The designs come in all forms and sizes; some make your dogs look like superheroes or simply look like just you.

Tips for Cat Litters

Cleaning our pet cat’s mess is part of our responsibility as owners. Good thing that Cat Litters are invented, helping and making it easier for us to clean their mess.

If you don’t have a Litter Box yet, you better have one. I will teach you what to look for in buying a Litter Box and more importantly, how to litter train your kittens.

Considerations on buying a Litter Box

            The size of Litter Box – Size of Litter Box does matter. Make sure that the size of your litter box is appropriate for the size of your cats. If your cats have small strides, also buy a Litter box that has small sides, so they won’t have difficulty in getting into it.

            Litter Type – Generally, cats like litter that has a fine texture like garden soil or beach sand. But there are others who prefer a coarser litter (non-clumping), so just apply trial and error and see what your cats prefer.

Litter Training   

            If you are a new pet owner and you just recently bought your cat, chances are your Cat are not yet trained to do her work in the Litter Box. Fortunately, it is very easy to do Litter training, and I will teach you how.

            First, you have to observe particularly when doing your go to the bathroom. Usually, cats do their thing in the morning, after meals, or when they wake up from a nap. If you see any patterns, place the cat into the box at this identified time of the day. Cats will make this association and will be conditioned to go to the litter box to mess.

            Another important thing to consider is the place where you put your litter box. Cats like privacy when they do their thing, so make sure that you place your litter box in a quiet place at home where they won’t be disturbed.

Dog Leash and Why You Should Use Them

Many people are divided on the opinion of using a Dog Leash. Some people advocate against it, saying that it is too cruel for dogs. But for me, I say otherwise. Dog Leashes are important, and here is why.

It Keeps them Safe

First and foremost reason on why you should use a Dog Leash is that it keeps your dogs safe. When you try to walk or have your dogs exercise, it is imperative to have a leash. If you don’t have one, they may stray away unexpectedly from you.

It keeps them from harming others

Living in an urban area can be stressing not only for you, but especially for your dogs. There are a lot of strangers or stray animals that pass around your area that might agitate your dog. Having a Dog Leash keeps them from attacking a seemingly innocent person that passes by, or they might pick up an useless fight with a stray dog.

These two reasons are enough to convince me that Dog Leashes are important, and that can be an enough reason for you too. If you are planning now to buy and use one, consider these safety tips first.

  • Dog Leash size should be appropriate for the size of your dogs.
  • When walking your dog, avoid dragging or pulling him because you might injure him, especially if the dog is your or very old. If he is reluctant to move forward, just wait for him and call him in a happy voice.
  • Inspect and maintain the good condition of your leash, replace or mend them immediately if it is torn.