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Let Your Feline Scratch With Delight


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Let Your Feline Scratch With Delight

This Ideal Scratching Furniture Will Hold Every Cats Attention And Will Keep Them Away From Your Sofa

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🔹Ideal scratching furniture for homes with some felines

🔹2 bell-ball toys inside holds every kitty’s attention  

🔹Designed especially FOR CATS to sharpen their claws

🔹This product comes with 100% approved organic catnip

🔹Your cat will NO LONGER scratch or damage your furniture

🔹Made of eco-friendly & SAFE, non-toxic materials

🔹Triangle-shaped, durable and sturdy

🔹Allows two or more cats to play at the same time

🔹SATISFY your cat's need for playtime and fun time

🔹Keeping  your feline’s HAPPY when they're home alone

🔹This Toy does NOT include the cats


Material: With plastic bells, cat scratch board made of corrugated paper

Load bearing: More Than 15kg  / 33lb

CM Inches
Length 27.5cm 11"
Width 19.5cm 8"
Height 19.5cm 8"


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Customer Reviews

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my cats love it

my cats love it

Came quickly.

Came quickly. did not mashed. everything is fine! the cat did not wait. climbed on the table)