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Pet Hair Removal Comb


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Pet Hair Removal Comb😺


This tool can quickly and easily remove dead hair, floating hair and excessive fluff in pet hair. It is these hairs that are the main source of hair loss in pets, and it is precisely these hairs that are ruined and An allergen that can cause allergic reactions in family members. This tool removes dead hair and floating hair without damaging the shiny coat on the pet's surface.

1: Regular use can reduce hair loss by up to 90%. The hair removal effect is better than any kind of comb or brush. For dogs and cats with easy hair loss (whether long hair or short hair), the effect is very significant.

2: It can evenly apply the sebum secreted by the pet to the surface coat to improve the gloss and health of the normal coat.

3: The most effective tool to reduce the hairball production of cats

Material: Plastic
S:4.5*10cm/1.77 * 3.93 inch(Suitable for: cats, small dogs);
M:6.8*10cm/2.67 * 3.93 inch(Suitable for: small dogs, medium dogs);
L:10*10cm/3.93 * 3.93 inch(Suitable for medium dogs, large dogs)

Package Includes:
1*Pet Hair Removal Comb

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