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Pet Grooming Brush


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Pet Grooming Brush😺


1. Solve Ugly Look: do your dogs eat well and sleep well, but their hair is still bleak? This is because you lack an important step - combing. Using this product to comb your pet, and their hair will become more and more supple, and it will massage and restore dry and yellowish hair. Soon you will get a lovely and healthy friend.
2. Scientifically designed: Needle parts wrap round head design to prevent skin scratches and scare pets, and you don't have to worry that they won't cooperate. The comb uses two layers of design - long needle and short needle, long needle can flip knot, short needle can comb hair, has a better effect than ordinary comb.
3. Simple Clean: U needle is equipped and can clean dog hair on comb needle. You can shave off a lot of dog hair just by gently scraping it on the comb with this cleaning needle, and the cleaning work is done well just needing to repeat a few times.
4. Feeling comfortable: water drop shape handle, which is designed for the palm shape, and your hands are comfortable and not easy to release. You do not need a lot of strength to operate it, being easy for pet hair removal.
5. Multi-choice: there are two colors for you to choose from, and you can choose the one or more according to your thoughts and hobbies.


Material:Food Grade PC,Silver Ion Antibacterial Card Clothing,Steel
Size(product):15.6 cm/6.14"*6.5 cm/2.56"*7.7 cm/3.03"
Size(package):8.5 cm/3.35"*6 cm/2.36"*19 cm/7.


Package Includes:
1*Pet Grooming Brush

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