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Pet Carrying Apron


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Keep Your Pets Under You All Day Everyday! ☀️🌙


1. The environmentally friendly coral velvet is comfortable, soft and delicate, and the product can be used to massage pets through fabrics so that pets enjoy it.
2, It is easy to use and clean. Wear it and put the cat in the apron, and you can stroke your cats easily no matter you lie down or walk freely. Your clothes will not be sticky with its fur anymore.
3. The design is apron strap type, with built-in tightening belt for pets of different weights. It has a huge space and is not afraid to disturb pets when walking.
4. You can get the relationship with your pets much closer through stroking them.
5. The soft and comfortable feel can help the cat to ease and relieve the pressure to have a high-quality life.
    Material:  Coral Velvet

    Size:71*62cm/27.65"*24.41" inch 

    Package Includes:
    1* Carrying Apron

    *Please allow 10-15 business days for the item to arrive

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    Customer Reviews

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    Love this carrier

    I haven't used it yet as we will be moving in October and we will be traveling across country. it is going to be a great carrier to have as my cat doesn't travel well. I will feel better having my cat close to me in the pouch keeping him calm and relaxed with me. it is really good quality and would recommend for anyone that is travelling with an animal.