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Moisture-proof Pet Food Container


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Moisture-proof Pet Food Container 😺


1. Excellent quality PP material, safe and healthy, durable, transparent barrel, strong sealing, 2500ml large capacity, can store dry pet food and other dry goods
2. Double buckle design, the lid is more firmly in the barrel, more tightly sealed, more moisture-proof
3. Portable portable design, easy to extract and easy to carry for a long time
4. Tilted mouth design, large openings facilitate pouring of ingredients without opening the entire top cover
5. Silicone sealing ring, silicone barrel embedded in the sealing barrel, good airtightness, moisture proof, leakage proof
6. A cover is used for multiple purposes. It is both a graduated cup and it can be sealed by rotating it into the opening spiral of the funnel.
7. Ergonomic design, convenient, barrel body with detachable grooves and scales, easy to take and easy to pour food
Material: PP
Size: 15cm/5.91"*9cm/3.54"*28cm/11.02" inch 
IY0043 (3)

Package Includes:
1*Moisture-proof Pet Food Container 

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