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5 Pcs Pet Bath Bombs


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5 Pcs Pet Bath Bombs😺


Promotes hair metabolism, improve blood circulation, remove the aging fur. replenish water and nutrition to prevent dry skin; deep clean to reduce dermatitis, dry itch, fungal infection and other skin problems. So that the hair shiny, not dry, not broken.Massage the whole body of the pet, bath and SPA. Suitable for domestic use and the beauty salon.

Use: add 50-60L water into bath tub and control the water temperature at 38 ℃, and put one piece of effervescent tablets, and wait it to be gradually dissolved, sending out the fragrance, at this time, you can bath your pets for 10-15 minutes, and then dry them.

Weight: 400 Grams

Package Includes:
1* 5 Pcs Bath Bombs


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