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Solar Fountain Watering Kit


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Solar Fountain Watering Kit 😺


  • Solar fountain is driven by solar energy,a landscape fountain device pump.
  • This product uses the high efficiency solar panels and new brush less pump,fast start-up, high efficiency, has the advantages of strong stability.
  • In addition, when floating in the water, no external power supply, convenient installation, simple operation.
  • Widely used in small pond water cycle oxygen.
  • The installation is simple, easy to use, as long as there is sunlight, water pump can start work.
  • This solar brush less pump adopts Holzer element with high sensitivity and low power consumption, with high efficient intelligent driving electronic circuit
  • The design of volute in fluid mechanics is used to reduce the resistance of water flow, so that the efficiency of the solar water pump comprehensive performance 20% more than the traditional structure.
  • The utility model solves the defects of difficult starting, low efficiency and poor stability of the current brush less solar water pump
  • The water pump can be connected with nozzles of different shapes, and different water types are ejected

Material: solar panels
Product size: 16cm/6.3"X16cm/6.3"
Weight: 178g/0.39lbs
Water pump voltage: DC 7V
Pump power: 1.0 W
Maximum spray range: 80cm/31.5"
Maximum flow: 160 L/H
Largest water spray height: 50cm/19.69"
Solar panels voltage: 7V
Solar power: 1.5W 
Solar panel size: 160mm/6.3" (monocrystalline silicon)20180730_111916_004

Package Includes:
1*Fountain Watering Kit

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