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Comfortable & Breathable Pets Travel Backpack Carrier


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Carry Your Pet With Safe and Confidence😻

Mouse bed

🔹Free Worldwide Shipping

🔹Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

🔹Introducing Your CatPack Carrier

🔹It's A Stylish And Safe Way To Carry Your Cat Around

🔹Comfortable and well-ventilated for your pet

🔹With Breathable mesh in front and on top

🔹Keep your pet secure with firm and adjustable straps

🔹Well Designed for pet owners convenience

🔹Fits small dogs and small kittens

🔹Great for traveling, riding, walking, hiking, or camping


🔹Adjustable waist and chest buckle for extra support for you
🔹Made from SAFE, non-toxic, non-harmful materials


  • Material:    PVC
  • Applicable to any Small Pet Breed
Size: CM Inches
31*25*35 cm 12.5'*10'*14"

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Customer Reviews

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Tame a Feral Kitten

we foster kittens for a few organizations and sometimes they come from feral cat colonies. it is nice to be able to tame the kittens so they can go into forever homes and be safe. I found an article in another organization that said using something like this can tame a kitten (less then 4 months old) in as little as 2 days. I have not had the opportunity to use it yet, but have a litter almost big enough to leave the feral mother. I will be using the pack backwards so I can talk to and interact with the kittens when they come here. wish me luck.

Kitty backpack

Great way to go hiking with my kitty!

Love this backpack!

QUALITY item. Looks good. But as stated, it runs small. But it does what you want it to...carry your small pet!


Verys atisfied with my order


Having fun training my cat