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Pet Clever Care Grooming Kit


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Pet Clever Grooming Nail Kit is used for pets nail care, delicate appearance more convenient to use. It can maintain pets health and won’t hurt others because of the sharp nails. It makes the grooming job for your pet quick, easy and painless. 

Top 5 reasons why you should trimmer your cat nails: 

*Recommended by "vetstreet" Doctors and by U.S. Vet Association

🐾Some cats, especially indoor cats, need help preventing claws from overgrowing

    🐾Trimming nails helps the nails shed old layers on the nail 

      🐾Trimmed nails are less likely to get stuck in carpets and other soft materials which helps prevent painfully broken nails.

        🐾Protect your skin, clothes, and furniture. Cats with trimmed claws will still have a desire to scratch and scratching posts should be available throughout the house. Trimmed claws just help to make the damage less painful 

          🐾Trimming claws is not related in any way to declawing!

            Declawing a cat means the amputation of the last bone of each toe on a cat’s paws. This procedure is incredibly painful for the cat and often results in infection, tissue necrosis, lameness, back pain which cause various behavioral issues and lifelong pain for the cat. Trimming a cat’s nails is the humane and healthy alternative.


              🔹Plastic handle, easy to grip
              🔹Razor-sharp stainless-steel semi-circular angled blade
              🔹Non-slip handle that avoids accidental nicks and cuts

              🔹Color is a combination of black and red
              🔹DURABLE materials will last for YEARS
              Pet Clever Grooming Nail Clippers

              Pet Clever Grooming Nail Clippers

              Pet Clever Grooming Nail Clippers

              CM Inches
              Comb 18cm x 3cm 7.08" x 1.18"
              Fine-tooth Comb 14cm x 7.5cm 5.51" x 2.95"
              Nail Clippers 12.5 x 4cm 4.82" x 1.57"
              Rasp 14cm x 1.5cm 5.51" x .47"

              Package includes: 
              1 x Nail Clipper 

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                Customer Reviews

                Based on 21 reviews
                Jazlyn Hilll

                Very good, arrived in great condition, and came very fast. Recommend!

                Ardella Mitchell

                Perfect clipper and grooming set. Will use this, looks sturdy enough though.

                Leon Cummings

                Very comfy, easy to use. I never in my life cut kitten nails. Today for my first time I did.
                Comes with a cover for the cutter side, so it is safe for children.

                Graciela Will

                Just getting there I tried it and it's the best, though I'm thinking of buying an automatic file.

                Dan Johns

                I liked that its working but I loved most it came early here.