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Mouse Cat House Bed With Removable Cushion & Waterproof Bottom


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Your Pet Lounge to Sleep and Play😺


Mouse bed

🔹Super soft Plush Interior keep your furry friend warm and cozy at all time
🔹Made of the Finest Materials, Soft and Non-Toxic
🔹Perfect for ANY PET
🔹Waterproof Bottom and high SCRATCHING RESISTANT
🔹Include Two Dangling Toys, promise hours of FUN for your pet
GIF Mouse bed
🔹Include  Removable Inner Mat
🔹Easy Wash and Clean 
🔹Machine Washable
GIF Mousebed
 Size: cm inches
56*41*21cm 22*16*8"




*Please allow 10-15 business days for the item to arrive*

We’re all familiar with the story about the love-hate relationship of cats and mouse. It’s a common perception that our adorable kitty cats love to chase every mouse they see and have them for dinner. It’s just like Tom and Jerry where the cat loves to chase the mouse around for lunch, and the mouse tries its best to get away from the angry cat using its cunning wits.

Wouldn’t it be ironic and funny to see your cat sleeping in a mouse bed? Your lovely kitten can comfortably sleep with the cat house bed with mouse design that has a lot of features to keep them cozy and unbothered by other factors. The mouse cat house bed is a fantastic bed for your little furball to sleep, since they still need to have a place where they can rest with sound and peace.

The cushion on the mouse-designed cat bed has a removable cushion which makes it very easy to clean should your cat decide to drop a stink bomb or wet the cushion during sleep time. It makes cleaning easier so that you and your kitty cat won’t have to deal with a smelly bed! The waterproof bottom is also a great feature so that the pee of your cat won’t spill everywhere on the floor. It contains everything so that cleaning could be done in one go and there’s no need for you to clean a dirty carpet!

It’s a very comfortable bed with two dangling toys for your cat to play around whenever they’re bored. Sleep time has never been more comfortable and fun for your feline companion! You also don’t have to worry about the cat house bed being damaged by your cat’s dangerous claws since it’s scratch resistant. The mouse cat bed has everything you need for your cat to sleep comfortably, hygienically, and enjoyingly!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Jeri Shanks
Cat house

I have 6 cats & 3 of them love the car house but squirt thanks she owns it.

Patricia Wood
Cute hiding place

My cats hide from each other inside the Mouse

Lorna Aynbinder
Great Product

Very happy with this product. Thanks.

Lynn Edwards

I bribed my cats to try it by putting catnip inside it. That worked. Now they crawl in and sleep hidden and happy.

Toni Curran
Mouse cat house bed

My kitten loves this item. She has loads of fun running in and out of the mouse house. Great product.