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Polygonum Snack Chew Stick


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Natural plant shoots, green toys.
Use a knife to cut off the skin, suitable for cat molar.
It is a plant cat is very fond of, whether the majority of cat smell or taste the taste of it will be showing the excited state;
Appear drooling and rolling on the ground situation is somewhat similar to the way heat or sprinkle arrogance, wooden cat's day very few natural stimulants;
Relax and ease the pressure to enhance vitality, increase appetite, prevent diabetes, stable blood pressure effect.
1 week 2-3 times, once one. Can be as common as in the hands of funny cat stick it to play, you can also give directly to the cat, and let it catch, bite will do, not only wear the claws, lest it go claw sofa beds and other furniture but also to clean its teeth. Use it for some time, then using a knife cut off the outside layer and can be used to give the cat to play, the effect will be resumed. 
Since gastrointestinal absorption of each cat is different, so the wood is not suitable for all cats, Due to the different constitution each cat, and should therefore not excessive intake once to slowly adapt to it better.
Product name: Cat Snacks Sticks
Material: Wood+Catnip
Color: Wood color, As the picture shown  
Quantity: 1 Bag (contains 5 or 10 Sticks, choose by weight) 


Package includes:
1 Bag x Cat Snacks Stick (without retail package)

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