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Cat Milk Nursing Feeding Bottle Set


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*Please allow 5-15 business days for the item to arrive*

  • Safe Plastic
  • 50ml capacity
  • includes cleaning brush

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mark S.
    Great fit for small breed/undersized/weak pups!

    Great fit for small breed/undersized/weak pups!:)
    Kitten took to this bottle great. Had been using kitten bottle with normal shaped nipple and it was giving too many air bubbles. This one works so well he only burps once. Would not be a good size for med or large breed kittens. It is also a bit squishy as compared to the other bottles you find in pet stores or pet clever so you can actually squeeze it a bit for weak pups to get them started kind of like an eye dropper. The curved shape was also helpful since I'm feeding only a teaspoon at a time he was actually able to get it all without tilting his head back.

    Rolly T.
    Excellent for kittens!

    Excellent for kittens!:)
    This is working absolutely great! I have several different types of bottles for bottle fed kittens and puppies. I got this to use on three bottle baby kittens, two are two weeks old and one is 7 days old. This one is comfortable to hold, the babies don't mind the nipple, and they get every last drop!