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Bird House and Nest

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Installing a birdhouse is giving back to nature by giving birds a safe place they can live and nest. It provides the birdies warm and secured homes all year-round.

An excellent birdhouse should attract many birds around the vicinity to start a family at the nest.

Keep in mind that the goal here is to give them a home where they could have access to the door or the opening but not large enough to make them feel unsafe. The birds will definitely leave if they don’t feel secure at the birdhouse.

Buy a birdhouse or nest that would fit the habitat preferences of the local birds in your town. Some birds love small entrances such as house wrens, chickadees, and nuthatches while some prefer large entryways such as screech-owls and wood ducks.

Place the birdhouse or bird nest near a source of water where they could easily drink and bathe peacefully. Also, secure the bird's nest away from potential predators and threat triggers.

Your cat might have a feast if the house is not situated correctly!

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