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Dealing With The Indifferent Cats

24. April 2018

We often see cats looking very indifferent towards humans. Why do they look like they have been robbed off a candy? And why do they always seem as if they are always pissed? Ever since time immemorial, cats have been bearing that look and facial expression. They ignore people most of the time. They only come near people when they feel like it or they want food. Sometimes, they come near us because they want something from us to play with.


Have you ever seen a cat smile? Perhaps, it is because of their natural look matched with their almond-shape eyes and perky nose marks. They look cute even when they are pouting though. But why do they really give us that look even when we are friendly to them? Some studies say that our pet cats are only pretending that they are indifferent when it comes to dealing with us humans. For sure you would want to imagine your pet cats, too, that they look very enthusiastic when you are not around. Therefore, here are some reasons why we have indifferent cats.

Cats are originally not domesticated animals.

Historically speaking, there is an evolution wherein cats were really a part of the nation of wild cats. They are not domesticated animals, therefore the reason that they have this tendency to ignore humans. They can actually notice and distinguish their owners’ voice but accordingly to their fancy of belonging to the wild cats, they choose to disconnect with people. Unlike dogs who are very demure to people, cats can be considered to be a total opposite. They do not even initiate to play with us, not unless you give them a ball or any toy they can play around with.

They do not follow humans’ orders.

Referring to wild cats, they consider themselves as not part of the world where they have to get involved with humans. They have conditioned themselves along with their hunting nature that they are domesticated and are not meant to follow orders from humans.

Many researchers are wondering why we are so fond of having cats as pets when these animals do not even give us back the response we need from them. However, cats up until now are still one of the best animals to have inside the house.

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