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Caring For A Pregnant Feline

12. April 2018

A lot of professionals encourage strongly cat owners to neuter or spay their cats to avoid health problems and cat overpopulation. However, here are several things you need to know if a feline has some kitties in its belly already.

How to tell if the Feline is Pregnant?

The gestation period would last around 2 months or more – roughly 65 up to 67 days – after a feline mates and conceives. The belly of the cat would not begin showing much until several weeks before giving birth. However, a vet may be able to feel babies in its abdomen after 3 weeks at least. The nipples of a pregnant cat would turn a darker pink during the early days of pregnancy.

Taking Care for a Pregnant Feline

Do not provide it any vaccines while you are caring for a pregnant feline. Consult your veterinarian for correct treatment of parasites such as worms and fleas. Provide the pregnant cat high-quality food that’s approved by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials). Provide a food that is supplemented properly with taurine. Deficiency of taurine could cause death or fetal deformities. It might be good to supplement with food that is canned to make sure the pregnant feline is acquiring proper calories.

Knowing When the Cat is about to Give Birth

Take the cat to the vet if you have concerns about the cat’s condition, the cat shows premature labor signs, or see a vaginal discharge for the cat.

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