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04. July 2017


  • Almost 4 million cats in Asia are eaten every year.
  • Normally, cats use 2/3 of their day sleeping, every single day. Meaning, a 9-year-old cat has been awoken for only 3 years of its life.
  • Cats can produce at least 100 various sounds compared to dogs who only make about 10 sounds.
  • The brain of a cat is biologically the same with a human brain compared to a dog’s brain. Both cats and humans have similar regions in their brains that are responsible for emotion.

  • Cats are the most popular pets in North America since there are 73 million cats owned by its people. That makes 30% of the household in North America owns a cat.
  • A cat is able to jump 5 times higher than its original size in one bound.
  • One time in the Holland embassy in Moscow, Russia, there were 2 Siamese cats that kept clawing and meowing at their building’s walls. Finally, their owners investigated hoping they can find mice. However, it’s found out that there were hidden microphones by the spies of Russia. They acted like that because the cats heard the microphones the moment they were turned on.
  • Cats can control their outer ear using their 32 muscles while humans only have 6 muscles. Most likely, a cat can rotate its ears 180 degrees.
  • Unlike humans, cats do not have sweat glands. Rather, they only sweat through their paws.
  • In a span of 7 years, one pair of cats and their offspring can possibly produce a total of 420,000 kittens.

Comments (2)

Barbara Ann on July 26, 2017

This helped a lot…thanks!

Judy Havers on July 26, 2017

If they have to, I hope the Asians kill the cats humanely not ritually. There emotions are very much like ours and show their feelings and pain.

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